Our goal is to provide the ultimate martial arts experience that will inspire and motivate you to become the best you can be. Taking that first step towards positive change is crucial. If you're seeking structured martial arts training, King Khong MMA is the place for you.

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At King Khong MMA, we go beyond training athletes and fighters; we cultivate martial artists capable of self-defense. Our mission extends beyond developing athletic prowess; we aim to instill the core values of a true martial artist: respect, confidence, and a commitment to stand up for oneself and others. Through our comprehensive approach, we provide education in martial arts, physical fitness, and character development, empowering our students to carry these traits into every aspect of their lives.

Our School

What Parents & Students are Saying

"They will challenge you to be better and they will earn your respect quickly."

-Sienna, Parent & Student

"They are supportive of the kids and the parents! We love it!"

-Tina, Student

"It's a great school and a great family. A fun place for kids to learn and make new friends."

-Cesar, Parent

"They have changed my sons' life, making them more independent and secure of themselves."

-Julissa, Parent

"Before learning Taekwondo, our little girl was painfully shy and bashful. Under master Bao’s guidance, she transformed into a strong and confident little girl. Master Bao is great with kids, kind, and encouraging. If you are looking for a nurturing environment for your little one to grow and become a well-rounded individual, then you have found the right place. I was lucky enough to learn Muay Thai from Master Bao for 2 years. Growing up in Thailand, I know what a real Muay Thai looks like. If you want to learn authentic Muay Thai skills, Master Bao is your guy."

-Wana, Parent

"Love training here with Bao Khong. I’ve been here for almost a year now and lost a ton of weight under his guidance and encouragement to lead a healthier lifestyle. He always welcomes visitors and potential new students interested in learning either Tae Kwon Do, Muay Thai, and even Brazilian Jiu Jitsu. Give him a shot he won’t disappoint!"

-Robert, Student

"So happy to have found this place! Master Bao is amazing! I have four children ages 4-12 and he works great with them all. Very patient and kind, showing great instruction also life lessons this is a great place."

-Linda, Parent


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